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Stories about Tony

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Our Tony
​From: His Brothers and Sisters
  1. Family came first, second and third.

  2. He had a big and generous heart.

  3. He had more hair than all his four brothers combined, with every hair in its place.

  4. He made his Mum and Dad laugh regularly until they were red in the face.

  5. From an early age, he would pull a funny face whenever the camera was on him.

  6. His ability to mimic songs, quote movie lines and impersonate singers is legendary.

  7. He would hilariously get himself into uncomfortable situations and miraculously get out of them.

  8. His prank calls ranged from angry Chinese restaurant owners to his parents’ friends with strong Spanish accents.

  9. He was everyone’s BFF and if he wasn’t, he would be soon.

  10. His greatest gift is that he loved all of us dearly.

Brotherly Band of Love

From: His brother, Iggy Pintado


When my brother, Tony passed away in March 2013, I promised myself that I would visit his grave regularly. During an early visit, I took a rubber band from some flowers as a way of remembering him and put it on my wrist until I could find a proper wrist band. Last week, I was given a beautiful wristband so ...I took the rubber band off and dropped it on the table.


Without a word of a lie, it landed like this.


Message received, brother.



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