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Tony Pintado Memorial Trophy

Tony was involved with Redfield Football as President for a few years, as a player in the All Age team - with which I had the honour and pleasure to play on his side for a few games and - as a supportive father to his own playing son.


Tony's fondness of the game was not just about the competition and being the best. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his teammates, had a sense of fairness with opponents and the fun side of competing. And of course, his famous head of hair was always immaculate before, during and after the game!

Upon his passing, my three brothers, Santi, Jay, Felix and the Pintado family felt that our brother should be commemorated in a way suited to the way he would have wanted in the form of honouring the best and fairest player in both the Senior and Junior divisions at Redfield Football.

The inaugural Tony Pintado Memorial Best and Fairest Trophy is awarded to the player who consistently plays the game to the best of their ability, true sportsmanship and in the fairest spirit of the game.

The main trophy is awarded to the winners and placed perpetually in the Redfield College trophy cabinet. The winners also receive a smaller trophy to keep. 

The winners of the inaugural Tony Pintado Memorial Best and Fairest Award for 2013 were Robert Assaf in the Seniors and Oliver Browne for the Juniors. In 2014,Michael Furcciniti was awarded the senior award and Thomas Mah Chut the junior award.

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